Mobile App

BreakoutTech is the mobile complement to BreakoutManager. Designed for the on site technician it offers a simple elegant solution to keeping your equipment needs and meeting times organized and up to date. With BreakoutTech you can lose the stacks of paper and printed schedules, impress your clients with the latest technology, and capture those onsite changes and additions.

With BreakoutTech you can see up to the minute data for all the meetings during your event. You can also view equipment and labor allocations by meeting, or by time. With the ability to add pop up meetings, equipment, and labor directly in the app you will be able to recapture the revenue lost from forgetting onsite changes. After the event is finished, you can return to BreakoutManager and run reports to see all the onsite changes and additions.

Because BreakoutManager and BreakoutTech were designed by professionals in the staging industry, we know that internet connections and cell service does not work everywhere. Because of this BreakoutTech is still usable offline. Connect once, download the event to the app and go off line. You can still make changes, add events, equipment and labor. The next time your device sees an internet connection the data you change off line will be updated to BreakoutManager and if any changes were made by other it will be updated in BreakoutTech.

BreakoutTech requires an active event in BreakoutManager. Available now in the App Store for iPad. An Android version is in the works and will be available soon.

Take a look at the video tutorial, to see how BreakoutTech works.