Video Tutorial


In this video we show how to sign up and purchase credits. It also includes and overview of what BreakoutManager and BreakoutTech can do for you.

Setting up a New Event

This video shows how to set up a new event, including a generic user that you can create to give to your presenters. Setting up the event is the first step in using BreakoutManager. Once this is done you can start setting user levels, add meetings and equipment.

Using Meeting Contacts

This tutorial will show you how to set up contacts for internal communication. They are transferred to BrakoutTech onsite so your technicians can have all the contact information necessary to respond quickly and appropriately in the way that you see fit.

Adding Equipment

The flexibility of BreakoutManager means you can add specific equipment such as "Shure UHF Wireless Microphone" or generic equipment for ease of your client, such as "wireless microphone." In this video you will also see how to allocate equipment to meetings, set the number on hand, and see how the approval process for new equipment works.

Adding Labor

Labor acts very similar to equipment in BreakoutManager. You can add specific users as labor, or just add a position as a place holder to be assigned later. This video shows the overview of how to keep track of staff needs in BreakoutManager.

Adding Meetings

Once the event is set up it is time to define the meetings. With the ability to see a schedule at a glance we will show you the power of BreakoutManager in keeping everything organized and accounted for. Here you can learn how to color code the time blocks as well as adding notes for important information.


With the different levels of users you can decide if allocated equipment needs approval or not. Also decide what users can see what events. Manage all your clients events from one log in. Each event will also have a generic user that you can give to presenters to request help, or to add equipment that is specific to their needs.

Meeting Help

If you need help you can always contact us or use the generic user log in to request help. You can give this log in to anyone.


Reporting is essential in any operation. BreakoutManager keeps track of everything in real time. If you need any information at anytime you can run reports that will work with Excel or in a PDF that you can email.

Using the Mobile App

BreakoutTech is the companion to BreakoutManager. Designed for the on site technician this tool will prove to be invaluable. This tutorial will show you the basic functions and features.